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Friday, May 1, 2015

Top Protein Sources For Vegetarians For Faster Weight Loss

Top Protein Sources For Vegetarians For Faster Weight Loss

If you're going about a vegetarian diet plan, one thing that you must be making sure to consider is that you're consuming sufficient protein. Protein is the one macronutrient that so many vegetarians tend to miss out on due to the fact that the foods they typically eat just aren't rich in this nutrient.

If you really want to see the best results possible from your diet plan, then you must be making sure you're not becoming deficient. Protein is essential to help prevent lean muscle mass loss, to help increase the metabolism and to help you feel satisfied on your fat loss diet program.

Let's have a quick peak at the top protein sources that vegetarians should be turning to. If you can make an effort to include these in your diet plan, then you can rest assured that you will be on your way to good fat loss results.


The first good source of protein to eat regularly when using a vegetarian fat loss diet is quinoa. Quinoa is great because it's high in protein and is a complete source of protein, which most proteins are not.

Quinoa can easily be used in any dish that calls for brown rice, so start making this swap today. Whether you want to eat it along with some beans, in a salad, or with a stir-fry, it's an important food to have in your diet plan.


The next food that you'll want to consider adding to your vegetarian diet is tofu. Tofu is one of the primary foods that most vegetarians eat and is available in a wide range of textures and flavors. It is light on your digestion if you cook it simply (steaming, quick stir-frying or in soups or congees) and is a great food anytime but also if you are recuperating from illness.

While many people do have a negative perception that tofu tastes horrible, remember that it's all about how you cook it. Avoid using too much oil when you cook your tofu and keep your sauces light if you are on a weight-loss plan.

If you prepare this dish properly, it can be very delicious. Experiment with a few different recipes to see which you like best. Tofu are excellent in dishes with tasty sauces eg. oyster sauce, black bean sauce, sweet and sour or hot spicy sauces, etc. Their mild nature allows the tasty sauce to cut through their blandness while they lend a soft and creamy texture to the dish (choose a firmer tofu if you prefer a heartier bite to your tofu).

Tofu goes very well with mushrooms which make them taste meatier. Pre-fry your tofu pieces, then add some Chinese mustard greens or Shanghai bak choy and mushrooms (use Shitake for a tastier flavour), lastly add some oyster sauce (and season) for a quick, delicious, slimming and satisfying platter to go with your bowl of rice!

Vegetarian Tofu Platter


Along with tofu, tempeh tends to be the next most popular source of protein for vegetarians. Tempeh is also a very good food for helping to lower your cholesterol levels, so that's yet another advantage that you'll get from having this in your meal plan.

Soy Beans

Soy beans are our next food that are high in protein for vegetarians. While males may want to go easy on the soy-related products since they can have an impact on testosterone levels, including a few servings a week can be a part of a healthy diet and help increase your overall protein intake.

Soy beans can also be eaten a number of different ways so get a little creative in the kitchen to see what you like best. (Remember to use only non-GMO soy as soy has been one of the most targeted foods for the push towards GMO crops by certain groups.)


Finally, nuts are the last source of protein to consider if you're looking to increase your intake on a vegetarian diet. Getting enough healthy fats is also essential for those eating in this manner and nuts will fit the bill perfectly.

They're high in healthy fats, high in fiber, relatively low in carbohydrates, and will provide some quality protein to help you meet your daily requirements.

So next time you're getting ready to prepare a meal, make sure that you have one of these protein sources included in your plan. Use these along with an appetite suppressant such as Phen 375 and you'll instantly take the edge off your hunger.

If you need inspiration on how to turn that plain tofu into a stunning gastronomic experience, check out the tofu and vegetarian recipes from Chinese vegetarian chefs for they have truly mastered the art of taking the humble tofu and transforming it into crazy-delicious dishes which are also high in protein and calcium as well!
NO plain, bland tofu dishes these, instead you have saucy, culinary masterpieces that will not only blow your socks away taste-wise, but stand tall in any 3-star michelin restaurant! So have a go and I hope you have some very delicious outcomes with your tofu cooking,

Delicious Tofu Braised with Spicy Chillies

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Obesity And Mobility – Looking Beyond Appearance

Obesity And Mobility – Important Factors To Consider Other Than Appearance

As you go about your health and fitness diet plan, you are probably monitoring your weight loss progress closely in the mirror, taking note about just how close you're moving towards your goal.

You have a certain physique image in mind that you want to attain and are working hard to get to that slim, attractive figure.

But, you don't want to make the mistake of just putting all the focus on your physical appearance. While looking good definitely is important as it will increase your self-confidence levels and allow you to feel better overall, you can't ignore the physical limitations that you will remove when you do lose the excess weight and the corresponding benefits that come with this.

Let's take a closer look at this issue so you can be sure that you keep it in mind as well. The more positive benefits you know that come from successful weight loss, the higher your motivation will be to continue with your fitness, weight loss, diet plan. 

Obesity And Joint Stress

The very first thing that you really must think about is the fact that all that excess weight you're carrying around, results in a great stress load on all your joints. If you want to maintain an active lifestyle, you may start to find that you suffer from knee, hip, or lower back pain over time.

The more weight you're carrying, the worse this problem will be and in many cases it will seriously hinder your overall mobility and quality of life.

Obesity And Muscle Fatigue

Another issue related to obesity and mobility is the fact that your muscles will be much quicker to fatigue when you have an extra 30-60 pounds on your frame.

For you, each time you perform any sort of physical task it will almost be as if you're putting your body through a weight-lifting session.

While many people who are obese have come to grow stronger muscles because of this, often they are still not strong enough to overcome the fatigue that's brought on from carrying this excess weight.

Shedding the extra fat will really make a remarkable difference on just how fatigued you feel at the end of the day. With the weight gone, you may find that you have enough energy to last you until you're ready to go to bed.

Obesity And Heart Rates

Finally, the last factor that links obesity to mobility is the heart rate factor. When you're carrying around all the fat mass on your body, you're going to have to work that much harder to transport yourself around and this is going to place great strain on your heart.

You'll find that you get breathless walking up even a short flight of stairs and experience higher than normal heart rates because of it.

Having such a high heart rate is not going to be healthy and could eventually cause your heart to become overworked, so this is yet another reason to really focus on shedding the excess weight so that you get to a healthier state.

So there you have all the many reasons why appearance shouldn't just be the primary focus of your weight loss plan. If you want an overall, higher quality of life, then you must do something to rid yourself of the excess weight.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Factors That Regulate Lipolysis

Factors That Regulate Lipolysis (=The Burning of Fat for Energy)

If you're involved with a fat loss diet plan, one of the main things that you need to think about is what you can be doing to increase the rate of lipolysis in the body.

Lipolysis is the burning up of BODY FAT STORES for energy, therefore it's the process that's going to help you reach your goal weight and look your best.

There are a few different factors that will influence the rate of lipolysis so understanding these factors and then doing everything that you can to maximize them will be critical to your success.

Let's have a look at what you need to know.

Your Diet Program

Looking at the diet you're using, in order to increase the rate of lipolysis that takes place, you want to achieve two different tasks.

First, you want to be using a lower calorie diet plan so that the body doesn't have sufficient fuel to cover its daily needs. In doing so, you're going to force it to find another source of fuel for energy – namely, your body fat stores.

As it starts turning to your body fat stores, you'll undergo the process of lipolysis at a faster pace.

Now, to speed this process up even faster, reduce the carbohydrate content of the diet specifically. Since carbohydrates are the preferred source of energy in your body, when they are taken out of the picture, the body really won't have any readily available energy to burn and thus body fat will be the only option.

The body generally does not like using protein as a fuel source so fat will be more preferable. Dietary fat will be turned to as well, but once that energy is exhausted, body fat stores will be the next place it'll look to provide you with fuel.

Your Exercise Program

The second thing that can really influence the rate of lipolysis that you experience is your exercise program. Here, you want to focus on a combination of two things.

First, you want to perform some very high intensity exercise at the start of the workout session. This could be weight lifting or it could be interval sprint training.

Doing this intense physical activity is going to cause the body to release fatty acids from the fat cells, so you're in the position for prime lipolysis to take place.

Then, once you've finished this component of the workout, perform some lighter paced cardio training.

Since the body can use fat as a fuel source during this activity (while it can only use glucose as a fuel source during more intense forms), this means that you're now going to burn off those fatty acids that have been released.

The end result means an increase in lipolysis and that you will reach your goal weight sooner.

So there you have some main tasks to focus on with your approach to help boost lipolysis and make sure that you're headed in the right direction.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Fat Burning Foods To Eat Daily

Fat Burning Foods To Include In Your Daily Diet

When it comes to dieting, we are so focused on what not to eat that we sometimes forget to pay attention to some of the foods that can actually help us to lose weight. Here we look at some of the most effective fat burning foods that you should be including in your daily diet:

High Protein Meats

High protein meats such as lean cuts of chicken, beef, turkey and pork.

These foods may seem more suited to building muscle, as they require more energy from the body to process but it helps to kick start the metabolism enabling the body to burn fat. The other advantage of including high protein meats into your diet is that they are filling and will give you a feeling of satiety between meals reducing the temptation to snack between meals.
Other high protein foods could include fish such as salmon, sardines and tuna.

Spicy Foods

Best Foods To Lose Weight Fast Blog
If you can handle your food with a kick, spicy foods are definitely the way forward when it comes to weight loss. Peppers in particular are excellent at raising body temperature and in turn, boosting metabolism to burn more calories.

If you’re brave enough, try adding chillies such as jalapenos, cayenne chillies and habaneros to your meals and enjoy the benefits of increased fat burning.

High Fibre Foods

Best Foods To Lose Weight Fast Blog
High fibre foods not only help to aid digestion they help the food move quicker through the digestive tract which means we absorb fewer calories.

Fibre rich foods can also help us to feel fuller, meaning we eat less between meals. Examples of foods rich in fibre include; oatmeal, whole grains, broccoli, strawberries, raspberries and brown rice.

Fat Burning Supplements

Another way to increase our bodies’ fat burning is to take a natural fat burning supplement alongside a healthy, well-balanced diet and regular exercise.
Fat burning supplements (also known as thermogenics) typically contain blends of natural stimulants and herbs to increase the body temperature to help you to burn more calories during exercise.

Each fat burner is different but they all work in a similar fashion, either burning calories as heat or as fuel, providing extra energy and stamina, ideal if you’re going to be exercising. Some even double up as an appetite suppressant to suppress food cravings so your overall calorie intake is reduced.

Recommended Diet Supplement

Phen375 is a natural fat burning diet pill that can be used by both men and women.

It contains a number of ingredients that help speed up the rate at which you burn fat and increase your metabolism.

Phen375 is designed to be taken twice a day, 20 minutes before a meal for maximum results.

Phen375 contains the following fat burning ingredients:

  • L-Carnitine helps your body release stored fat for energy, meaning you burn existing fat faster
  • Dendrobium nobile extract is a natural stimulant that boosts your metabolism to increase the rate at which you burn calories and fat
  • Capsaicin from chilli peppers increases your body’s temperature allowing you to burn extra calories through thermogenic fat burning
Phen375 also acts as an appetite suppressant to help you reduce the amount of calories you eat and beat cravings that can ruin your diet.

Best Foods To Lose Weight Fast Blog

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Function Of Fat In The Body: Why You Need Some Body FAT

The Function Of Fat In The Body

With so much focus always placed on losing weight and dropping body fat, often we completely overlook the fact that body fat does play some key roles in the body and is necessary for good health.

While you definitely don’t want to be carrying around an excessive amount of body fat, if you start to take your body fat too low, that's definitely going to cause you to experience some serious problems as well.

Let's have a quick look at all the different functions of fat in the body so that you can understand more about this often hated body tissue.

Reproductive Function

One of the first things to note about body fat is the fact that women will have higher overall essential levels of body fat compared to males and this is strictly due to the fact that the female body needs to be capable to give birth to a baby.

Fat stores in the body are going to help to maintain better hormonal concentrations that support the development of a baby and will also signal to the body that it has a lot of stored up energy should starvation set in during the pregnancy period.

When women start to take their body fat levels too low, their menstrual cycle will stop and this indicates that they are not able to give birth any longer until it's brought back upwards again.

Appetite Regulation

Another role that fat plays in the body is to regulate the appetite. The body has strong defence mechanisms that kick in during periods of prolonged undereating that will prompt you to begin eating so that your body weight doesn't drop down to an unhealthy and unsafe level.

This regulation is brought on by hormones that are produced within the fat cells that will signal to the brain the current level of body fat in the body.

Without body fat tissue, you would feel very little satiety after eating a meal and would instantly become hungry.

This is often why when dieting, the leaner you get after a period of being on that diet, the more you're going to feel hunger taking place. At this point the body isn't making as much of these hormones that regulate appetite, therefore the brain is going to prompt you to start eating more.


Another important role that body fat plays in the body is that it will help to provide insulin during colder weather so that you don't freeze to death. This is again why after a period of successful dieting you may notice that you feel quite a bit cooler at any given temperature than you used to – you have less insulin present to keep you warm.


Finally, the last big role that body fat plays in the body is that it will help to protect all the vital organs as it acts as a cushion. If you're struck with something in the abdominal cavity and have very little body fat, there is a much greater chance of injury than if you do have some fat present.

So as you can see, while you definitely don't want too much fat as that will pose negative health problems, some fat is definitely necessary.

Advanced Health LTD 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

How to Make Non-Fattening, Healthy Kale Chips: Follow This Simple Kale Chips Recipe

As an Alternative to Chips & Other Junk Food Make Your Own Healthy, Delicious, Kale Chips!

Follow This Simple Kale Chips Recipe
For a Low Calorie, Powerhouse Snack Packed with Dense Nutrients and Antioxidants!

Makes 2 Servings

• 2 handfuls kale leaves
• 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
• Cooking spray
• Sea salt

1. Preheat oven to 350°F.
2. Arrange kale on a non stick baking sheet.
3. Very lightly coat kale with cooking spray and a bit of sea salt or pink Himalayan salt.
4. Sprinkle cayenne pepper on top of the kale and bake for 10 minutes or until crispy.

More Metabolic Cooking Fat Loss Cookbook Recipes
STOP eating Whole Wheat bread, Vegetable Oils, Energy Bars or Cereals.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

How To Figure Out If You're Fat

How To Figure Out If You're Fat By Calculating Your BMI ( Your Body Mass Index)


Once you've calculated your BMI you can decide if you need to lose weight or gain some.

How to Figure Out if You're REALLY FAT??

  1. First measure your weight - W eg. 180
  2. Then your height in inches - H eg. 70
  3. Multiply your height by itself (HXH) - eg. 70x70 = 4900
  4. Divide your weight by this number (#3) - eg.
    W / HXH = 180/4900 = 0.367...
  5. Multiply #4 by 703 = eg. 0.367 x 703 = 25.824
  6. RESULTS: Below 18.5 is UNDERWEIGHT
  7. Between 18.5 to 24.9 is HEALTHY WEIGHT
  8. From 25 to 29.9 is OVERWEIGHT
  9. Anything above 30 is OBESE

So now you know accurately if you're overweight, or not, and how much you need to gain or lose to reach your optimum weight for your height. No more guesswork! Once you have an idea of how much to lose it makes it easier to reach your goal because you can focus your efforts to hone right in to reach that SPECIFIC TARGET.

Need to do metric conversion? Go Here.




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