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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

How Body Fat Is Connected To Diabetes

The (Invisible) Link Between Body Fat And Diabetes

As the world keeps growing heavier and heavier, one of the largest diseases that's showing unabating growth trends is diabetes.

More and more people are becoming affected by diabetes and sadly, it's not just adults. Diabetes is now being seen quite regularly in young kids, indicating just how explosive this problem is becoming.

Both adults as well as children are being affected by diabetes as their weight continues to rise steadily into the obese category.

But how does body fat play a role in diabetes and what's the connection that you need to know?

Let's have a closer look at how body fat is connected to diabetes.

The Body Fat-Insulin Connection

Firstly the more body fat you have on the body, the greater the level of insulin that will be required in order to deliver the glucose to the cells after carbohydrates are eaten.

If the insulin is not secreted in appropriate amounts, the glucose will stay in the blood stream causing high blood glucose which is the entire problem with diabetes in the first place.

As more and more body fat accumulates, more and more insulin will constantly be needed and this overproduction of insulin can really wear out your body's system.

The Nutrient Consumption Risk

If you have high levels of body fat, this is also indicative that your diet is deficient in fruits and vegetables. In fact many obese people consume fast foods, junk foods or highly processed foods much more than unprocessed food, the latter if at all.

Because they're filling their bodies with nutrient-devoid items rather than highly nutritious unprocessed food, this also places extra stress on the pancreas and makes it even more difficult to secrete the level of insulin required to take care of the excess glucose in the blood.

Receptor Issues

Finally, when there is elevated fat in the blood stream due to high levels of body fat, this can stimulate a certain receptor in the body known as GPR40, which typically responds to high levels of blood sugar by promoting a high increase in insulin production.

But when fat (via food consumed) is also present in addition to the sugar in the blood, this stimulates these receptors even further, therefore you get an even higher production of insulin.

Over time this relentless demand on your pancreas causes it to fatigue and STOP functioning altogether.

So here are the various ways in which body fat is linked to the development of diabetes that you should know about. One of the largest recommendations for those who are currently at risk for diabetes is to reduce their overall level of body fat and these are the primary reasons why.

On a positive note, when you start losing body fat, even if it is a small amount there is often a noticeable difference not just at physical, emotional and psychological levels but also at a pysiological level ie. your weight loss can lead to a dramatic reversal of your early, diabetic condition to a healthy normal outcome! And this without resorting to prescribed medication but to major lifestyle changes instead..

However, we can slip up sometimes because although the spirit is strong the flesh is weak, so getting EXTRA HELP along the way (such as from fat burners and/or appetite suppressors) makes good sense as these boost our morale and motivate us to carry on by causing MORE and FASTER - WEIGHT LOSS and thus help us to stay on track.

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