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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

GREEN TEA as Slimming Tea? Not an Old Wive's Tale!


Select organic, green tea and get the matcha type because:

"One cup of matcha is equivalent to ten cups of brewed green tea in terms of nutritional value." (matcha

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How can you tell if it is fresh? When it is bright green. For maximum benefits, go for matcha that's bright green because a discolouration indicates that it has oxidised (ie. lost its nutrients) - (viz. Dr. Oz)!!

It has a mild taste and is easy to drink - in fact it tastes very clean and fresh.

Bonus? It's better than chewing peppermint or gum to freshen your breath (you're not subjecting your teeth to the risk of caries or your health, to aspartame ...)!

Btw, have you walked around the sidewalks watching the citizens of countries that drink alot of green tea (more than eight cups a day)? It is their staple drink!  And then witness how much they eat ... even at lunchtime? Huge bowls of noodles or rice EVERYDAY, that if you or I ate that way, would turn us into the size of a house! And no, there is just not much time left in the day for 'getting fit' (they work more than 8 hours a day and also work on Saturdays too).

Mind you if you lived in Hong Kong you won't need to do too much extra exercise as all that running uphill and downhill or chasing after ferries, to get to and from work, etc. will keep you pretty fit.

And what's their favourite drink (especially the women, you guessed it - 'slimming tea'. Yes, that's what they call it and it's green tea or versions of.) Everyone drinks it, from grasshoppers to centenarians!
Drink green tea WITHOUT milk or sugar!  It's especially effective after you've had greasy, fried foods - it's not just an old wives' tale that when you've eaten fried noodles, or other greasy foods, etc. you wash it down with copious
amounts of green tea. Grandma isn't nagging you to do so if you're one of those who regularly rebels against good advice just because it's a 'traditional practice' ... it actually works!  Here's why:

"Catechins and other green tea substances have been shown to inhibit fat absorption in the intestines. One type of powerful green tea catechin called EGCG keeps micelles (particles after bile has emulsified your lipids / fats into smaller molecules that are water-soluble) from forming and inhibits gastric and pancreatic lipase function. Lipase enzymes are important catalysts that enable your body to break down fats from food. Intestinal fat absorption then becomes limited. Proof that this really takes place is the higher amount of fecal fat* measured in those who consume green tea." organic

To sum, it means that green tea through its active ingredient, EGCG and other catechins, inhibits lipase function (enzymes which emulsifies fat, ie. break it down into smaller molecules that are easily absorbed into your body).  This blocking action in turn leads to less absorption of fat, so more of it is excreted* out of the body instead of accumulating around your belly, thighs, etc.

Hence its efficacy.  Note that it is easier to prevent a fat build-up than it is to rid yourself of fat that has already accumulated and entrenched itself as fat warehouses! around your internal organs, belly, thighs, etc.  Fat reserves are notoriously difficult to dislodge, even when you workout like crazy!  Fat cells are not inactive, once they start accumulating they exacerbate your condition by causing yet more fat cells to accumulate in the vicinity and in addition, each fat-cell swells individually as they store yet more ... fat!!

To paint an analogy, imagine you have a handful of small, red, deflated balloons (normal fat cells) at the beginning of a party, before fat-gain becomes a problem. As the party progresses (junk food, trans fat, food binges, fast food, too much food, too many snacks, no exercise, low exercise, sugar overdose, soda-addiction, processed foods, no fresh fruit or vegetables, etc.) your balloons start to multiply. Now you have so many you can barely cope. In addition each of these balloons start to SWELL ... to 3x, 5x, and even10x their original size and still growing!

Soon you're overwhelmed; your fat cells have taken over and your physiology (and your psychology) alters. You are at the stage where you might feel that whatever you eat gets turned into yet more fat cells and there is truth in that too.  You might also wish that your problems will float away, but the only thing that does is your self-esteem, along with your social life, family life and more.

It will take enormous will power and even external intervention when this happens to turn the boat around (that is, lose all the EXTRA balloons and reduce the SIZE of the remaining few!) than to prevent fat-gain from becoming an acute problem in the first place.

If there is a weight problem consider using a multi-pronged approach:
  1. use methods to prevent your condition from getting worse
  2. as well as use strategies to directly alleviate your condition
    ('tackle tactics').
Drinking green tea regularly can be included as part of the arsenal rather than the only tool to combat this problem - luckily for most of us this is a pleasant and doable task.

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